Our Equestrian Story

Where Passion Meets Expertise

Windmill Stables isn’t just a riding center; it’s a community where love for horses and family-friendly values merge. From novice to expert riders, our dedicated team ensures an enriching equestrian journey for everyone.

Facility Overview

Features of Our Stables

Windmill Stables offers a variety of facilities to support your riding experience. Our amenities include well-equipped arenas and daily care services for horses.

Outdoor Arena (75x150)
Our 75x150 outdoor arena is equipped with lighting and all-weather footing, suitable for training sessions and events throughout the year.
Outdoor Arena (100x150)
The larger 100x150 outdoor arena features efficient lighting, making it a versatile space for evening rides and various equestrian activities.
Jump Field (7 Acres)
Our 7-acre jump field provides an open area for a range of training exercises and an unrestricted riding experience.
Round Pen
The enclosed round pen is a safe space, ideal for beginners and hosting small events, ensuring a comfortable learning environment.
Barn Stalls
We maintain 21 barn stalls that are cleaned daily, providing a clean and comfortable environment for the horses.
Runout Stalls
Our runout stalls offer extra space for horses, allowing them more freedom and comfort within our boarding facilities.
Wash Stall
The covered wash stall is available for grooming and care routines, convenient for use in any weather.
Tack Storage
Our secure tack lockers provide a practical solution for storing and organizing your riding equipment.

Meet Our Team

The People Behind the Stables

Get to know the dedicated individuals at Windmill Stables – our owners, trainers, and barn staff. Each team member plays a vital role in maintaining a friendly and efficient environment for all.

Nicole and Kris Ellery


Nicole and Kris, the new owners of Windmill Stables, are redefining its legacy with their talents and passions. Nicole, a Dallas native, leverages her experience in the multi-family real estate industry to infuse Windmill with strategic growth and community engagement.

Kris, born in Poland and now a Principal Engineer at Zillow, brings a sharp eye for detail and innovation to the stable's management. His expertise in Design Systems complements Nicole's strategic vision, together cultivating a creative and streamlined approach to stable operations.

United by their dedication to animals, DIY enthusiasm, and a vision for a family-oriented community, they are committed to establishing Windmill Stables as the premier destination in the DFW area.

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Jaycie Preston

English Trainer and Barn Manager

Born in Harlingen and raised in Richardson, Texas, Jaycie found a second home at Windmill Stables, where she developed her riding skills from a young age. Her academic journey took her to Tarleton State University, where she earned degrees in Equine Science and Business. Her time at Tarleton’s equestrian center enriched her understanding of various equine disciplines and breeds.

After graduation, she returned to teaching riding lessons, passionately sharing her knowledge and love for equestrian sports with aspiring riders.

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Tyler Jasper

English and Western Trainer

Hailing from Lubbock, Texas, Tyler has dedicated over two decades to mastering both Western and English riding styles. His career as a trainer began at 22 at Rails Stables, where he has successfully coached numerous youths to impressive placements in state-level 4-H competitions and AQHA World Shows.

His personal achievements are equally notable, with accolades such as reserve world champion and world champion in open jumping at the AQHA World Championship Show. His expertise spans hunter/jumpers and Western disciplines, making him a versatile and esteemed figure in the equestrian community.

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Kitty Aznaran

English Trainer

From Connecticut, Kitty began riding at 6, her passion blossoming under Marcia Kulak's guidance, spanning Dressage to Eventing. A Civil Engineering graduate from Purdue, she moved to Texas, where she teaches riding from novice to advanced, and specializes in retraining horses, blending discipline with patience.

Pausing her competitive streak for academia, Kitty's latest venture involves a retired racehorse, aiming to re-enter competitions. Her approach combines engineering precision with equestrian grace, showcasing her commitment to the sport and her students, ready to make her mark again.

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Sergio Niño

Barn Hand

Sergio, a native of Mexico with over 15 years of dedication at Windmill Stables, excels as a barn hand. He cares for each horse, mastering their individual needs and quirks, and offers profound equine knowledge. His commitment ensures the highest standard of horse welfare.

Join Our Team

Careers at Windmill Stables

Explore the job opportunities and become part of a team dedicated to excellence in equestrian care, training, and community building.

Equestrian Trainers.
Seeking experienced trainers with a passion for teaching and a commitment to equestrian excellence. Candidates should have a strong background in horse care, riding instruction, and competition preparation.
Barn Staff.
Looking for reliable and hardworking staff to assist with daily barn operations, including feeding, grooming, and general maintenance. A love for animals and a team-oriented mindset are essential.