Horse Boarding Services

Custom Care for Your Horse

Experience bespoke boarding at Windmill Stables, where your horse’s well-being is our priority. Choose from a range of services tailored to meet the unique requirements of your equine companion.

Boarding Benefits

Comfortable, Practical Boarding Solutions

Explore the practicality and care in our boarding facilities, offering well-maintained stalls, regular feeding routines, and access to quality amenities, all supporting your horse's comfort and your convenience.

Daily-Care Stalls
Our 12x12 stalls receive daily attention, ensuring a clean and comfortable space for your horse’s everyday wellbeing.
Paddock Stalls
Stalls with paddock access provide horses with additional space, promoting movement and a more natural environment.
Regular Feedings
We adhere to a consistent feeding schedule with quality hay and grain, supporting a balanced and nutritious diet for your horse.
Fresh Water Daily
Ensuring horses stay hydrated and healthy, we routinely refresh and replenish their water supply each day.
Stall Fans
Each stall is equipped with a fan to maintain a comfortable climate and airflow, contributing to the horses’ comfort.
Fly Control
Our fly control system in the stalls helps in maintaining a more comfortable and stress-free environment for the horses.
Tack Locker
Providing convenient storage, each stall comes with a tack locker for safely keeping your riding equipment.
Facility Access
Boarders have access to our amenities, including lighted arenas, a round pen, wash rack, jump field, and trails for a comprehensive riding experience.

Boarding Costs

Clear Boarding Rates

Understand our boarding prices with a straightforward breakdown. We offer transparent base rates and additional options, allowing you to customize services without unexpected fees.

Monthly Boarding

Comprehensive care including stall, feed, and facility access, ensuring a comfortable stay for your horse.

$850 per month


Annual vaccination service to protect against common equine diseases and maintain health.

Market price at ~$150 per year


Routine de-worming treatments to prevent parasitic infections and promote overall health.

Market price at ~$25 per application

After Hours Care

Extended care services available outside of regular business hours for any special needs or emergencies.

$30 per hour

Prices listed are not guaranteed and are subject to change based on current market conditions and availability.