Volunteering Opportunities

Contribute to Our Horse Community

Become a vital part of Windmill Stables by joining our volunteer program. Ideal for students and enthusiasts, it offers hands-on experience in horse care and stable management while fostering a sense of community.

Volunteer Program

Learn by Doing

Windmill Stables' Working Student Volunteer Program offers practical learning in horse care, barn management, and horsemanship, ideal for those passionate about equestrian activities.

Lesson Prep Assistance.
Volunteers help prepare horses for lessons, assist with tacking up, and contribute to setting up jump courses and arena arrangements.
Maintenance & Care.
Engage in essential tasks like tack cleaning, stall maintenance, and caring for injured horses under professional supervision.
Barn Management Skills.
Gain valuable insights into daily barn operations, learning practical skills in a real-world equestrian setting.
Teaching Assistance.
Develop teaching skills in horsemanship, enhancing your equestrian knowledge and ability to instruct others.

Community Involvement

Contribute to Our Program

Join our community volunteer opportunities at Windmill Stables, perfect for those interested in equestrian life and seeking to contribute to educational and service projects.

Project Support.
Ideal for educational projects, offering hands-on experience in horse care and stable operations for a practical learning opportunity.
Service Project Roles.
Participate in meaningful projects, fulfilling service hours for Eagle Scout, National Charity League, and other service organizations.
Honor Society Engagement.
Complete volunteer requirements for the National Honor Society and engage in community service projects in an equestrian setting.

Safety and Responsibility

Farm Animal Activity Liability Disclaimer

Under Texas law (Chapter 87, Civic Practice and Remedies Code), a farm animal professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in farm animal activities resulting from the inherent risks of farm animal activities.